Qatar:The New Diving Destination

qatar diveDiving is not only a recreational activity, but also a good sport, passion and a lifestyle in itself .Qatar with immense potential is now emerging as a sought-after recreational diving destination during winter, with campaigns highlighting the country’s marine life

There is an exponential growth recorded in the number of divers, diving clubs and tourists coming for diving in Qatar during past couple of winters. There are futuristic plans to put in specific promotional shows about diving in Qatar at international annual diving shows in London and exhibitions. Read more

Parking For Less At UK Airports

Manchester Airport Car ParkingFly-by-air travellers need to spend good few hours at the airports before boarding the plane. It is therefore important to know about the airport car parking facilities. Along with your passport and air-ticket the safe and secure car parking at the airport becomes equally essential, even if you are dropping someone off at the airport.

Booking your airport car parking as well as airport hotel ahead is best practice. It helps you get a guaranteed space, save you money and lower your stress. Last-minute parking can be an unpleasant experience, and you’ll frequently pay a premium for not booking ahead, so Parking4less offers its services to you in order to get you the best deal long before you so much as put your suitcase in the boot. Read more

10 Most Desired Destinations 2013 Survey identifies America’s most desired destinations for the new year.At the top of America’s “wish list” is Italy, closely followed by Australia.  They are joined in the top five by New Zealand, the United Kingdom and France.  However, Italy was the clear standout in Europe, with twice as many respondents indicating that they wished to travel there over the United Kingdom and France combined.  Read more

Top 10 Cheapest and Expensive Cities in the World

The International Price Comparision Study conducted by covered 33 cities across the globe and tracked prices of a list of goods including basic products such as milk, bus tickets and petrol alongside popular consumer gadgets such as the iPad and latest Samsung Galaxy S3.

Sydney has risen to be the most expensive city in the world, with prices 61 per cent more expensive than the cheapest city, Mumbai. Eastern European cities Warsaw, Budapest and Prague are top of the list. Read more

How Travel Insurance Can Help

Recent tragic events aboard the Costa Concordia have increased the worries of travelers across the globe. It has now become more necessary and prudent to increase awareness about the travel insurance. It is important to reach out to the travelers, customers and to the broader audience to share vital travel insurance information about the role of travel insurance in a disaster like this. Read more

Top 12 Destinations For International Travel


India is hot and will only get hotter in 2012. Not only is it a magnet for business travelers and Indian expats returning to visit family and friends, but booking a spiritual journey to Rishikesh, on the shores of the Ganges River and the foothills of the Himalayas, has never been more appealing. Read more

Toronto is Expecting You !

Toronto is the provincial capital city of Ontario and the largest city in Canada. Toronto city is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario.

Toronto is considered an alpha world city by the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) study group. Read more