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La Boca:Caminito-Colorful Houses

La Boca is a neighborhood tourist attraction in Buenos Aires , the capital of Argentina,

La Boca spreads out typical strong European flavour, reflecting the original culture of several early settlers from the Italian city of Genoa. Read more

Exotic Latin American Destinations

Climate plays very important role in traveling. Staying climate is most suitable for various destinations across the globe. With climates staying warm in most  South American destinations like Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, it’s the perfect time to escape the cold and head to Latin America for an unforgettable winter escape.

Most Popular Latin American Destinations

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil always remains at the top place. It is the most famous city in Latin America and as a traveler you will enjoy the experience of city life, incredible dining, and the world’s most famous beaches. This city of Brazil is also a great destination for a family friendly getaway. You can plan out for a wildlife cruise around the legendary Galapagos Islands. This would be an educational and breathtaking experience for your family. Read more